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今回の初トライを行ったのは、スキムボード界のワールドチャンピオンであるオースティン・キーン「Austin Keen」(28歳)。






Here it is- my first ever attempt at skimming out to the @KellySlater Wave at the @wsl surf ranch! Everyone was frothing over the slide out to the wave, And if you look closely you can see me shaking like a leaf, hoping I time it right, slide out far enough, and don’t blow it! There’s still a lot of work to be done to have skimboarding as an accepted form of surfing at the pool, however I am extremely grateful to all the friendly and accommodating lifeguards and staff that gave me a crack at skimming out to the wave! Upper management had some safety concerns that I was respectful of so I only had a couple attempts at skimming into it. Another obstacle and concern was not having a leash attached to the board, So I asked the maintenance guy to drill a half inch hole into my board so I could attach a surf leash and continue to skim the pool starting from the jet ski. This obviously took shuvits out of the equation, which really wasn’t going through my mind while slotted into a perfect barrel. Once again, huge thanks to all the @wsl surf ranch staff and lifeguards for all the hard work and hospitality and for allowing me to skim out to a couple and shoutout to @kellyslater for creating the perfect Surf/Skim wave 🌊. I would be stoked to help consult with @kellyslater and retrofit the pool to better fit skimboarding in the future! @reedmorales on the jet ski camera work 📷 #skimboarding #surfranch #kellyslater #kswaveco #wsl

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